La M.O.D.A. – 521k monthly users in Spotify. 94K followers on Instagram. Covered all their major shows since summer 2018.
Ayax y Prok - 686k monthly users in Spotify. 519k+400k followers on instagram. Spanish Hip Hop band. Covered all of their biggest shows since october 2019.​​​​​​​
The Cat Empire – 560k monthly users in Spotify. 50K followers on Instagram. Australian international band. I usually work with them when they come to Spain and have joined them in their dates in Spain since 2016.
Mafalda – 60k monthly users in Spotify. 35K followers on Instagram. I’m their official photographer since 2016 and have been touring with them since.
Iseo & Dodosound – 192k monthly users in Spotify. 67k followers on Instagram. I started working with them in may 2018 and have toured with them during their 2 winter tours in Spain.
Xavi Sarrià – 60k monthly users in Spotify. 19k followers on Instagram. I’ve been joining him in some of his tour dates during 2018 and 2019.
La Fúmiga – 42k monthly users on Spotify. 13k Followers on Instagram.  I cover their biggest shows since summer 2019.
Prozak Soup – 5,5k monthly users on Spotify. 3k followers on Instagram. Promo shoots and all of their bigger concerts since 2017.
Inercia – 1,5k monthly users on Spotify and 1,5k followers on Instagram. Promo shoots and occasional concerts.
Radio Rude – 1,3k followers on Instagram. Promo shoots and occasional concerts.

Festivals I work with (Dec. 2019)

Bioritme – Eco-nature festival in Barcelona. Brings over 4,5k people and over 50 artists every year.
Viña Rock - worked as their official photographer in the 2019 edition. The biggest Rock festival in Spain, over 200k attendants and over 100 artists in 6 different stages.
Gazpatxo Rock - Small local festival, 5k attendants and 10 artists in 1 night.

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